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Typical Reaction After a Teeth Team Visit      

 This example is from Glen Taylor School.

Extract from East & Bays Courier reporting the start of the Dental Project Box

Extract from the NZ Herald reporting the start of the Dental Project Box

From a school blog -

"Shanelle*  Dental Presentation"

Mrs Wallbridge and Mrs Ross came to talk to us about keeping our teeth clean and healthy. 
They are both dental technicians. 
We shared a few questions with Mrs Wallbridge to get more information about our teeth that we did not know.  
She read the first question which was “ How do our teeth turn yellow?” [emphasis added- Ed]
I learn’t that our age is one of the reasons why we get yellow teeth. When we get older, our teeth slowly starts to turn yellow. 
Coffee, curry and smoking turns our teeth yellow as well. Smoking turns our teeth black and yellow. 
That was really gross. 
Then she carried on answering the other questions.

Once all the questions were answered, then Mrs Wallbridge got started with her dental presentation. 
There was a few frightening photos that I did not like. 
Mrs Wallbridge was really interesting because she had a scottish(sic) accent. [Irish actually- Ed]
I never knew that if you get knocked out and your tooth falls out, then you softly clean it and stick the tooth back in the cap.  
 She also gave us a lot of tips on brushing our teeth. 
Such as using a soft toothbrush, brushing our teeth slowly and softly. She also mentioned that if you go to South Africa and you buy a bag of onions or vegetables, then you can use the bag as floss for your teeth if you run out of floss. 
It was all fascinating to me and I will make sure that my teeth will stay clean and healthy. [emphasis added- Ed] 
* Shanelle is school blog editor

Newsletter Term 3 Glenbrae School -- December 2014


10 September 2014

Newsletter: Term 3

Number 4, 2014

Kia Ora, Talofa Lava,
Malo-e-lelei, Kia Orona,
Fakalofa Lahi Atu.

Greetings to you all


Welcome to our new students, and to their f amilies. We hope you enjoy being part of the Glenbrae community.


Thank you parents who came to our Home School Partnership meeting last week. We really enjoyed seeing you all here and appreciated your support.

We had a facinating talk on dental health by Cynthia Wallbridge, a dental hygienist . Her main messages were:

  • Dental pain is the worst pain there is, but it can be prevented.

  • Brush teeth and tongue gently twice day. Do not eat ol' drink anything but water after brushing in the evening.

  • Floss your teeth gently

  • Huge damage is done to teeth by drinking sugary drinks, such as coke,lemonades, fruit juices etc.

  • Large bottles contain almost 50 teaspoon of sugar. These need to be occasional treats


Avoid Sugary Drinks One 12-oz fizzy drink has about 10 teaspoons of sugar in it, more than the daily recommended limit!

  • Give only milk or water to babies in their bottles. Sugar rots teeth quickly! Help babies I children to grow strong and healthy teeth.

  • Adults - prevent tooth loss. Keep up regular dental checks.

School Lunches
After listening to this and other information on. we have decided to remove some items from our school lunches and to change some of our menu items from the beginning of next lerm. More information will be in our next Newsletter.

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